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Welkom Wilkommen

The Hague  /  Delft  /  Gouda (the Netherlands)

With our new baritone Rob we are back on our old strength.
And the first concerts of the new season (wth Rob) are done.
We are preparing for the Christmas performances now.

This year we will also turn 25. So you will be hearing more about this!
Therefore follow us on Facebook (see button above).

< Our first (and last) real group photo of the former cast, shortly after Love is in the Air,
    February this year.

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Are you the person who is going to make Mannenkoorts
the first double quartett with 9 members?

In order to be able to sing in other parts (like 3 x 3)
and be less dependent when people are ill or not available 
for other reasons, we have a vacancy for an extra baritone.

More info...
(in Dutch only)


last update:
March 24th, 2019
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